by ellen vanderslice

2. Pluto is smaller than the Moon, you know . . .

The measured progress of the planets in their course
belies the chaos of the universe,
the chance that some sweet hapless globe
should leave its path,
drawn by inexorable force
into an alien plane.

Grant me the premise
that such disruptions do occur
to rend the weft and web of Time,
that such disturbance must, at times, occur.

Spare, then, a moment's thought
for that now-captured world,
torn from its habitude and cast
upon the grave authority of some empyrean sun;
tremble at the odds against
a constant orbit.

With luck, the swinging arc of its trajectory
swoops back upon itself -
or does it carry on,
beyond return?

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©2002 Ellen Vanderslice
1 February 2002