by ellen vanderslice

1. cicisbeo

You come to me, supplicant.
I ask what you want, and you
Stammer into silence.

You do not say, love me.
You do not say, think of me.
You do not say you wish
For a mentor, a friend,
A shoulder to cry on.

And your very silence is an invitation.

Your silence is an empty page on which I sketch
The starry-eyed dreams I've known, the crushes
And the crushing disappointments.

And so
I think of you, and counsel you,
And call you friend.
Never one for temperance,
I talk too much.

Let us have our grand experiment.
But you must fill in the blanks
And tell me
When to hush.

1. cicisbeo
2. Pluto
3. she walked with a phone
4. Lullaby
5. The Key
6. I Remember One Rose
7. What I Want to Know
8. How I've Been
9. I must be mad
10. Love is Like Water
11. Catch Your Breath
12. The Speed of Love
13. Benevolence
14. Message in a Bottle
15. I Have Been Here Before
16. I Want Back
17. The Parallel Universe Has Closed





©2002 Ellen Vanderslice
26 January 2002