a magpie's poem box
ellen vanderslice

I set the Moon

I set the Moon,
Riding at the hill
Closer and closer
Until the great

I stop on the long slog up the hill

I stop on the long slog up the hill to greet my neighbor,
pulling weeds from a patch of daylilies,
her hand in strong blue rubber gloves
with backs like socks.

We play the remembering game
We play the remembering game.
and I'm astonished at your recall,
these vivid episodes long lost to me...
Forever and Never
You open your arms to me, goodbye,
And the beach could sooner resist the tide than I can keep from
Wrapping myself in you.
Don't Look Before You Sing
Don't look before you sing,
before you let your heart take wing,
before the wail of love long lost wells up in your throat...
It Happened When I Wasn't Looking
It happened when I wasn't looking:
the paper carcass of the pupa split
and fragile soft yellow planes unfolded...
Ten Thousand Nights
Ten thousand nights I've lain by you,
Lulled in the dark by the
Gentle rhythm of your breath...
Big Aloha
It's big aloha I have for you,
a love so large it shouldn't need
to be told each day...
In perfect rhythm you and I
In perfect rhythm you and I dip and swing.
You supply the power, I
steer by subtle increments...
October Is
October is the best month, I do believe;
Crisp and crackling as dry leaves, or
Grey and soft as cashmere...
I Have Taken a Lover
I have taken a lover.
He comes to me in sleep
, he visits me in dreams...
...I leaned against a sooty sill,
and slowly wiped the lipstick
from my lips.
I Fell in Love with Your Front Door
...I fell in love with your front door,
fell in love, got addicted, doesn't matter what you call it...
Where Does Truth End
Where does the truth end and untruth begin?
You told me some true things, and some things you wished were true.
You told me a lie or two...
You're the Damn Prickliest Man
You're the damn prickliest man I've ever loved.
I haven't got you straight yet. Who are you? ...
I wanted to possess you.
Not to bed you, but to kiss and caress you
Like a pet, like a baby doll...
In exile I showed you
In exile I showed you
I can summon dignity.
Like a splint it bound up my broken dreams...
My head is like my closet
My head is like my closet,
too full to see what's in it...
Tight Rose Furled
Tight rose furled is the bud of apple blossom;
white and blown the flower that has yielded its sweet secret
to the promiscuous bee...
Life Springs from the Earth
  Easter, and life springs from the earth
in sun-drenched splendor;
laughing daffs and shy dainty violets...
 No Goddess I
Get off your knees.
I am no goddess, just a vain, silly mortal...
...I forget how good you are, like bread.
I go looking for cocktails...
Tales of the Parallel Universe
a cycle of 17 poems from big bang to black hole

©2007 Ellen Vanderslice