by ellen vanderslice

16.  I Want Back

I want back into the circle of your arms.
I am a handful, won't you take me in, again?
I beg you to forgive my sulks and strategies;
and make your love elastic.
Embrace me, once more.

I am not wise, or thoughtful; I am vain
and silly, and you've put your finger
on my streak of mean -
but I love you to death.

And what a cold planet it would be
if lovers never lost their balance, never
said the thing that shouldn't be said,
never did a wrong thing.
What a cold heart you must have
to turn a deaf ear to my cry.

I want back into the circle of your arms.
Embrace me, love, once more.

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©2002 Ellen Vanderslice
11 September 2002