I love rain.

What can I say? It's true, I love the rain.

If we ever have "typical" weather again, Portland's goes something like this:

Gentle rain from October to the 4th of July, with a few noticeable periods of sunshine. (We almost always get a couple of nice weeks in February, but you can be sure it will rain for Rose Festival in June.)

Dry, not-too-hot sunny days in July, August, and the beginning of September. Lawns turn brown, unless they are watered.

Sometimes we have a drought in the fall, and drink mid-county well water instead of Bull Run water.

And, sometimes, we get snow. Not every year, so Portlanders tend to get out of practice and get their knickers in a twist when snow arrives. Schools and businesses close, and the entire region's transportation system tends to be a big mess.

But here's what we get for all that rain: beautiful, beautiful flowers. Spring arrives at the beginning of February and lasts until the 4th of July. At right are wildflowers on the side of Mt. Hood.


 My own dogwood, with lilac behind.