We've been shopping at Food Front for 30 years. (Sadly, while this was true in 2007, Food Front closed in 2023.)

I love the local choices I have for fresh, local, organic food. Food Front Cooperative Grocery has grown and changed since we first joined in 1977! But it's still a great place to shop, and an easy bike ride from where we live.
 In the past decade, the Portland Farmer's Market has become another great way to get fresh, local produce. The big market is every Saturday down at the Portland State University campus at the south end of downtown, but there is also a Wednesday market in the Park Blocks, just two blocks from my work.

Portlanders love their coffee and their beer. At left, Stumptown Coffee, which takes its name from the nickname Portland got in the 1800s when the city was platted and all the Douglas firs were cut down. Right, Bridgeport Brewpub.