Ron Steen runs three jams a week.

 I love the Portland arts scene, especially the jazz. 
Not only can you go out any night of the week and hear great music, but if you are an aspiring player or singer, you can try it out several places around town.

There is no harder working man in Portland's jazz scene than Ron Steen (right). He runs three jam sessions every week.

Three nights a week you also can hear Lee Wuthenow (left) at the Benson Lobby Court, which is a real treat if you like sweet-tempered straight ahead jazz in a grand old setting.

And if a more experimental style is your cup of tea, you'll find it at the new Jimmy Mak's, world class jazz venue.

Portland has something for everyone when it comes to the arts. There's the Oregon Symphony, the Portland Art Museum, ballet, theater, and a thriving scene for artists and art galleries. Come to town for First Thursday, when everyone who is anyone is gallery hopping.