Looking for Wahe Falls
Saturday, March 29, 2003

Scott, Emily and Ellen headed up Moffett Creek (which runs below Munra Point)
to look for Wahe Falls -- a place important enough to be named on the map
but with no trail leading to it.

The first bit of the way to the creek is on Trail 400,
and the first thing we see on the trail is a giant anthill.
You can see a short movie of the ants if you like! (It's about 4 MB.)

The ants are pretty. While we were taking photos
the ants were crawling up our pants.

Once we left the trail to head up the creek,
this is the typical terrain
we faced.

A pretty side falls. Note the interesting channel on the left.

Emily amid the downed logs.

No wonder there were so many logs down!
Industrious beavers have been hard at work.

We thought the beavers made themselves this
little bed of cedar boughs when they got tired.

Emily spotted these amazing yellow lilies atop a big boulder...

...naturally she had to go up.

Here is our dear among the lilies.

Close-up of lilies.

Emily messing around on the boulder.

We crossed a lot of log bridges. This one was
too slippery for walking.

A second falls coming in from the side is smaller.

It wasn't really Wahe Falls but at this point it's obvious we
won't be following the stream any farther.

A panoramic view of the falls and surrounding rim rock.

Emily and Scott pick their way back.

You can see why we didn't ford the creek just anywhere.
(Note the yellow lilies on top of the rock to the left.)

A cool cup of ... moss? ... fungus? ...lichen? Consulted Eugene Kozloff's
"Plants and Animals of the Pacific Northwest" and the closest thing we
saw was the lichen "Xanthoria candelaria." Mebbe... mebbe not.

Just loook at the amazing moss all over the trees!
We spotted this bottle on the way up and packed it out
on the way back. I thought it meant someone had been this
way before, but Scott pointed out it could have fallen from Munra Point.

More tough going on the way out.

Emily finds a way across. (You can see Ellen to the right
of the tree if you look closely.)

The end of the canyon is in view!


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