Assault on Archer Mountain
June, 2002

On our first hike we learned it is possible to get to the top of Archer Mountain.  The second trip revealed possible routes via the back side. The third trip was the First Assault on Archer Mountain via the face.  On the final trip we make the complete loop, up the face and around the back. (Select the map to see a larger version.)

 Here's the view from the old hippie commune where the hikes all start.

Serious bushwhacking begins on the first attempt on the face.

See Emily's mosquito-bitten arm after this first attempt (not for the faint of heart!).

 Emily, before and after the successful assault on the face.  
typical terrain  Archer from the bottom The Flake (an important landmark in finding the way to the top)
Emily and Mac rest after the way to top is clear. The view down from the rest spot. Mac, on his way out to the point.

Emily and Scott enjoy a little lunch out on the point.


Emily boulders to the tippy-top.

 Mac at the top.


 We bushwhack our way down the back side, and encounter this sign.

It looks like a bear scratched it, sometime since 1953.

 We find another nice viewpoint on the way down.

Three weeks later, Scott took this photo of Archer from across the Columbia River. 



You can see the track of the successful assault on this 3D map.


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