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Moonshadow Dance
©1999 Words by Ellen Vanderslice, music by Ellen Vanderslice and Mike Horsfall

Moonshadow, dance with me.
Do you know where my love may be?
There's romance in the air, tell me where is he?
Moonshadow, do you know?

Your caress is but a shade of love.
Can you guess what I'm dreaming of
As we sway to the stars and the moon above?
go --

Dancing in three-quarter time down the street,
I'm entranced with a partner so light on his feet.
But a man of some substance, oh why don't we meet?
Moonshadow, do you know?

Moonshadow, take the lead.
Twirl me with enchanting speed,
And I'll try to imagine the man I need.
Moonshadow, dance!

A little bit about "Moonshadow Dance"

First Prize (Jazz), USA Songwriting Competition, 2002.

First Place, Blues/Jazz/R&B category, Portland Songwriters Association National Song Contest, 2000.

Ellen wrote "Moonshadow Dance" while riding her bike home in the moonlight after working on a map that included Moonshadow Park in SW Portland. Her husband, Scott Parker, always her first and best critic, loved the song but hated the first ending, so Ellen rewrote the lyric for the last eight bars. Mike Horsfall helped Ellen put the jazzy chord changes to her melody. The recording with Rebecca Kilgore in November 1999 was arranged and produced by Phil Baker.


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