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I love recording. Being in the studio is about the biggest high I've known.
Here are a few snapshots from the Blue Moon project.

 Mike Horsfall
Mike Horsfall
the good vibes guy

 Mike and Marilyn
Mike Horsfall and Marilyn Keller
A smile as rich as her voice

 Dan Presley
Dan Presley

Time master Kurt Deutscher

 Faehnle and Baker
Another studio lunch: Dan Faehnle and Phil Baker

 Dan Faehnle
Can you hear me,
Dan Faehnle?

 Ron Steen
Ron Steen KNOWS.

 Mike Snyder
Mike Snyder
and his congas

 Phil Baker
Phil Baker

Sing it, Amandah Jantzen!

The Divine Miss Kilgore

Randy Cannon on Kurzweil

 The Tunes

 The Artists


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