Adventures in the Alps -- Part III: Eibsee

18 September 2005. We take the train from Mittenwald to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We sit in the front in the bike car with all the bikers and feel very much at home, although we are without wheels.

A cool shot of our train, in the Garmisch station, after we debarked. Don't be surprised if this photo is on Ellen's next CD cover...

'Just one minute more,
Before you go,
One little kiss,
Before you go,

'Pretend that time
Isn't flying
too fast...'

We get on another train, and then yet a third (with a cog) to get to Eibsee.
Thanks to Werner Brög and his inside connections, we find ourselves in a lovely room with a balcony and a terrific view of the lake. It is cold and very cloudy, although not actually raining. (In two days at Eibsee, we never once got a view of the Zugspitze -- the highest point in Germany.)
Weather or no, we take a late picnic lunch out on the balcony.

Then we enjoy a post-prandial stroll around the lake. The hotel is in the background.

As we come around the far end of the lake, we are quite curious about these regularly-occuring stone structures.

The island in the distance has a small house on it.

The next day, while Ellen works away at her presentation for Zürich, Scott sets off on an adventure all his own, taking the trains and hiking to see the Höllentalklamm.

It isn't quite all on his own, as a gaggle of schoolchildren have the same plan.

It is still very foggy. Here's the Eingang Haus from below.
Scott reaches the Eingang. Hurray, they serve beer here (and other good things)!
A rickety walkway leads back into the gorge.

It's dark back in there, but you can see a big waterfall, and crazy old structures overhead. Scott could find no way to get at that apparent bridge.

Just rock and lots of water.
Back at the Eingang for another beer -- and why not some Schnapps? -- Scott is charmed by the hospitality of his hostesses.
One look back at the entrance, nearly hidden.

An anthropomorphic drinking trough. Tomorrow, on to Zürich!

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